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MAP is a community dedicated to giving people a place to begin their journey on the Autism Spectrum; a place to find answers, direction and peace of mind. Learn how to use our resources to help you navigate life on the Autism Spectrum.
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Center For Disease Control’s Autism Resource Page

Center For Disease Control’s Autism Resource Page

CDC is committed to continuing to provide essential data on ASD, search for factors that put children at risk for ASD and possible causes, and develop resources that help identify children with ASD as early as possible.

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Autism Grown Up

Autism Grown Up

Autism Grown Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the autism community online. Their tools and materials are created for people on the autism spectrum and their support networks to use. They define support network as family members, peers, professionals, employers, and other important stakeholders.

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The Museum of Special Art (MOSA)

The Museum of Special Art (MOSA)

The Museum of Special Art (MOSA) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation developed to meet the current needs of children and adults with disabilities by providing access to the visual arts, educational opportunities, and career development for artists with disabilities.

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Blog: Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Blog: Dr. Nicole Beurkens

The latest information, strategies, and research on safe and effective approaches to help your child have better behavior, naturally.

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The University of Washington Autism Center: Autism Stories Project is an idea inspired by StoryCorps, based on the belief that everyone has an important story to share, and that these stories connect and strengthen us.

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