About MAP

Pebble & Maci

MAP is a community on the web for people to have a place to begin their journey by finding answers, direction and peace of mind when dealing with autism.

I am a parent of a daughter with Autism.  I have spent countless hours upon hours living through and watching my daughter go through various evaluations, rigorous tests, therapies, treatments and supplements. Knowing where to get information, finding resources and trying out different treatments is very challenging and time consuming.  It has been my full time job and I want you to benefit from my experience.

This is why MAP is here!

We created MAP to be a place where we bring together information and resources on education, doctors, therapies, diet & nutrition, supplements, natural medicine and schools.  MAP is a community place to share and learn from others about the resources people like the best or not liking.  MAP provides direction.

Our purpose is to make accessible all the information and resources about autism available at any time to anyone.  You will have the opportunity to write and read reviews on all the various resources, experience educational tutorial videos and have one place to get answers.  MAP will reduce the confusion, anxiety and stress on how to navigate through the autism process by providing guidance on how to best support someone with autism.

Mission Statement:  MAPS’ mission is to help all families with loved ones on the autism spectrum find necessary resources in their communities, be able to share and express their experiences and to be informed and educated on the various therapies and treatments available.  MAP can change the Autism world for you.