Bright & Quirky

Bright & Quirky’s mission is to ease the struggle for bright and quirky kids and parents, help them self-actualize with the help of experts in the fields of mental health and education, and inspire the hope that new ideas and possibilities bring.

The site supports children with high intelligence, traditionally called, ‘gifted,’ but also those that have some atypical brain wiring, i.e. trouble focusing, planning or organizing like with ADHD, or trouble making social connections or regulating emotions like with Autism/Aspergers. They call these kids ‘twice exceptional’ or 2e. Why? One exception to the norm is their high intellect and the other exception is their area(s) of challenge.

They are a group of dedicated parents of 2e kids working together to ease the struggle and help kids live a beautiful life that fits the way their brains are wired. They work together with the leading experts in the field to discover strategies that really work. 


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