Here in our blog, you will find our thoughts on everything from things we’ve tried, frustrations we’ve had, things we needed to have explained to us, etc. This is the space where we’re sharing what we’ve learned on Maci's journey.
MAP Chat: Holiday Tips
MAP Chat: Holiday Tips November 29, 2021

This month, Marikay chats about tried and true tips and shares resources for easing stress and anxiety during the holidays.

MAP Chat about MAP!
MAP Chat about MAP! August 23, 2021

Marikay chats with MAP marketing guru, Wendy Peloquin of Pixie Fish Marketing, about the inner workings of MAP and how the community has grown.

Things to Love this Month on MAP!
Things to Love this Month on MAP! March 30, 2021

Looking for inspiration, new ideas and healthy choices? Marikay shares what she is loving of the new resources on MAP this month.