Here in our blog, you will find our thoughts on everything from things we’ve tried, frustrations we’ve had, things we needed to have explained to us, etc. This is the space where we’re sharing what we’ve learned on Maci's journey.
Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? June 27, 2019

Maci and I have been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - and it's working! Learn more about what it is and how it has benefited Maci.

Choosing Pebble
Choosing Pebble May 20, 2019

Our dog trainer from California recently sent me a wonderful article on service dogs for people with Autism. Here's our story.

Inspired by the Power of Play
Inspired by the Power of Play April 9, 2019

I attend the Profectum Autism Conference every year and always come away having learned new things. Here is what I learned this year.

Welcome to MAP!
Welcome to MAP! April 9, 2019

We want to be your resource for information and answers as you journey on the autism spectrum.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory March 18, 2019

Sometimes even a movie with good intentions can be insensitive when viewed through the lens of the parent with an autistic child.

Thoughts about schools
Thoughts about schools March 18, 2019

Children with developmental disorders/delays need more support and attention to their individual profiles for them to learn to master their specific development.