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Writing Without Tears
Writing Without Tears March 18, 2019

Understanding a child’s sensory system by getting a professional Occupational Therapist to create a sensory profile is a good first step in supporting your child.

Development & Behavioral Pediatricians
Development & Behavioral Pediatricians March 18, 2019

A Development and Behavioral Pediatrician is different from a general Pediatrician based on expertise and experience in working with children with developmental and learning disabilities.

Neuro-Fit System
Neuro-Fit System March 18, 2019

Getting the brain and body to work together is the principal of Neuro-Fit Systems.

Thoughts about schools
Thoughts about schools March 18, 2019

Children with developmental disorders/delays need more support and attention to their individual profiles for them to learn to master their specific development.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory March 18, 2019

Sometimes even a movie with good intentions can be insensitive when viewed through the lens of the parent with an autistic child.

Get the most out of MAP
Get the most out of MAP April 9, 2019

MAP is a community dedicated to giving people a place to begin their journey on the Autism Spectrum; a place to find answers, direction and peace of mind. Learn how to use our resources to help you navigate life on the Autism Spectrum.

Inspired by the Power of Play
Inspired by the Power of Play April 9, 2019

I attend the Profectum Autism Conference every year and always come away having learned new things. Here is what I learned this year.