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App: Autism Emotion
App: Autism Emotion July 29, 2020

Autism Emotion uses music and a photo slideshow to help teach about different emotions.

Teaching Children Meditation
Teaching Children Meditation June 30, 2020

Since 2003, they have taught thousands of people, worldwide, how to teach their kids mindfulness and meditation.

Unmasking emotions: ASD in stressful times
Unmasking emotions: ASD in stressful times July 29, 2020

Everyone is facing challenges in our world today. But, a recent experience with Maci brought me some much needed perspective and a reminder that what shows on her face may not be what she feels in her heart.

Very Well Mind
Very Well Mind May 29, 2020

Verywell Mind is a trusted and compassionate online resource that provides the guidance you need to improve your mental health and find balance.