Angel Sense GPS Tracker
Angel Sense GPS Tracker October 28, 2021

AngelSense is a GPS tracker for kids, teens, adults and elderly with an assistive speakerphone.

App: Autism Emotion
App: Autism Emotion July 29, 2020

Autism Emotion uses music and a photo slideshow to help teach about different emotions.

App: iTalkDoc
App: iTalkDoc September 29, 2020

The iTalkDoc app was created to help simplify communication for individuals with autism.

App: MagnusCards
App: MagnusCards October 27, 2022

Each collectible Card Deck combines proven educational methods, visual instruction, personal assistance from Magnus, and realistic scenarios to support inclusive and empowered living.

Appy Autism
Appy Autism October 28, 2021

Appyautism is intended for people with ASD, their families and all professionals that work with these people, offering a selection of the best applications.

Article: 22 Apps for Disabled People
Article: 22 Apps for Disabled People October 28, 2021

From picture-based communication systems to finding accessible locations, you can make life a little easier with these assistive apps for disabled people.

Autism Village
Autism Village January 25, 2022

Autism Village's mission is to apply Internet and Mobile technologies to provide a globally accessible platform which helps the autism community to manage practical day to day problems.