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Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support

Care.com February 26, 2020

Care.com is an online resource that allows you to search and find caregivers for loved ones with special needs.

Caring for Seniors with Autism
Caring for Seniors with Autism September 27, 2021

This article was sent to MAP from a student in Ms. Bennett's class. They were learning about healthcare for people with Autism and thought this article contained a lot of good information.

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Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources

5 TED Talks to inspire autism parents
5 TED Talks to inspire autism parents March 30, 2021

These speakers talk about autism in a way that brings inspiration and even enlightenment to those who are parents and caregivers for children with autism and ADHD.

ABCs of Disability Planning
ABCs of Disability Planning October 27, 2022

Eric Jorgensen of True North Disability Planning started this podcast. It's his mission to introduce a new organization or individual that is serving those with disabilities every week.

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Our Thoughts

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