Caring for Seniors with Autism
Caring for Seniors with Autism September 27, 2021

This article was sent to MAP from a student in Ms. Bennett's class. They were learning about healthcare for people with Autism and thought this article contained a lot of good information.

Operation Autism
Operation Autism July 23, 2021

Operation Autism is a web-based resource specifically designed and created to support military families that have children with autism.

Parent To Parent USA
Parent To Parent USA July 23, 2021

Parent to Parent USA supports a network of viable, sustainable, fully-functioning and effective Parent to Parent programs in all 50 states through hands-on support, training and technical assistance, and high quality tools and resources.

We Are Brave Together
We Are Brave Together May 20, 2021

WABT offers retreats, support groups & workshops as well as inspirational events and resources.

POCWASN Self-Care Services
POCWASN Self-Care Services May 20, 2021

Care.com is an online resource that allows you to search and find caregivers for loved ones with special needs.

The Profectum Parent Toolbox (PPT™)
The Profectum Parent Toolbox (PPT™) August 25, 2020

The PPT™ will guide you in your discovery of your child’s unique sensory and motor differences that are the foundation of how he or she experiences the world and ultimately interacts with you.