Tips and resources for making travel more manageable for families with loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.
Article: Tips for Making a Road Trip Budget and Sticking to It
Article: Tips for Making a Road Trip Budget and Sticking to It January 25, 2022

A little pre-trip planning can save you money and stress. In this article, Say Insurance will explain how to create a simple road trip budget, plus how to stick to it even when the urge to splurge threatens to derail all your carefully crafted plans.

Autism Travel Directory
Autism Travel Directory February 26, 2020

This directory was created Autism Travel to provide families and individuals with easy access to destinations and attractions that are trained and certified in autism and special needs care.

Autistic Globetrotting
Autistic Globetrotting July 31, 2019

Autistic Globetrotting is designed to be a source of encouragement to autistic travellers worldwide.

Champion Autism Network (CAN)
Champion Autism Network (CAN) June 24, 2021

CAN's vision is to create and ensure inclusive communities where all people CAN happily live, work and play, by building a world-wide network of autism champions that includes businesses, local nonprofits and individuals with autism.

IBCCES Accessibility Card
IBCCES Accessibility Card February 26, 2020

The IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC) is designed to help individuals with cognitive disorders or physical impairments identify and receive helpful accommodations at certified attractions worldwide.