Affect Autism
Affect Autism September 27, 2021

Affect Autism helps caregivers have access to  respectful approach that can make their lives with their autistic children more joyful and meaningful for both their children and themselves.

Greenhouse Therapy
Greenhouse Therapy March 15, 2019

Helping children and adults to become more self-aware, regulated, capable of sustaining relationships, creative, spontaneous, joyful, and emotionally intelligent.

Inspired by the Power of Play
Inspired by the Power of Play April 9, 2019

I attend the Profectum Autism Conference every year and always come away having learned new things. Here is what I learned this year.

Rosemary White
Rosemary White March 15, 2019

The practice specializes in working with children presenting with challenges associated with disorders of relating and communicating

Sherri Cawn, M.A., CCC-SLP
Sherri Cawn, M.A., CCC-SLP March 15, 2019

Sherri is a leading practitioner of the DIR/Floortime® model in speech and language development.