Coast Music Therapy
Coast Music Therapy November 20, 2019

Coast Music Therapy passionately strives to be best in serving one demographic in San Diego county: youth with special needs.

Danceable May 20, 2019

DanceAble uses specially developed dance steps to assist students in a variety of developmental disciplines.

Harmony Music Studio
Harmony Music Studio May 20, 2019

Harmony Music Studio offers music therapy and piano lessons for children with unique needs such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and delay.

Music Works NW
Music Works NW May 20, 2019

Music Works NW's mission is to change lives through accessible music education and experiences.

Optimal Rhythms
Optimal Rhythms April 30, 2022

Optimal Rhythms uses Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), a research-based treatment approach that uses music and rhythm to change the way the brain functions.

Piano Keys for Autism
Piano Keys for Autism May 20, 2019

Providing youth and adults of all abilities music instruction and therapy that works, to create programs that stimulate the musical mind and bring out everyone's inner musician.

Reflections School of Dance
Reflections School of Dance August 26, 2019

Their mission is to create a positive, loving atmosphere for young and old alike of various abilities to train in dance and develop a deeper appreciation for the performing arts.