GoManda April 28, 2022

GoManda has created a platform that teaches vocabulary using strength-based teaching - a teaching method that works with autism's unique learning style rather than against it. 

HALO-Soma RPM April 30, 2022

HALO is an organization that provides the services of Soma®RPM (Soma-Rapid Prompting Method), an academic program leading towards communication, the expression of reasoning and understanding, more reliable motor skills, and greater sensory tolerance.

Our Journey to Find Maci’s Voice: The Beginning
Our Journey to Find Maci’s Voice: The Beginning April 30, 2022

Communication can be very challenging for people on the Autism Spectrum. We are embarking on a journey to assist Maci by using a method called RPM. Here is what we have learned so far.

Pathways to Communication
Pathways to Communication May 29, 2020

Pathways to Communication is a group of professionals dedicated to identifying each child’s unique communication strengths and challenges.

REACH – Darlene Hanson
REACH – Darlene Hanson March 15, 2019

The Resource for Education, Advocacy, Communication, and Housing (REACH) is a private, non-profit organization that supports individuals with a variety of lifelong disabilities.

Sherri Cawn, M.A., CCC-SLP
Sherri Cawn, M.A., CCC-SLP March 15, 2019

Sherri is a leading practitioner of the DIR/Floortime® model in speech and language development.