Development & Behavioral Pediatricians

The journey when starting out with autism can feel overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Who can you turn to for answers and help?  What are the right treatments and therapies?  Sorting through the internet and getting information can also make things more confusing and harder to decide what to do.

A Development and Behavioral Pediatrician is an excellent resource and expert in helping you and your loved one build the right treatment plan and team for support.  Building your team should be the first thing on the To Do List.  A development and behavioral pediatrician will be your coach in helping you build your team and create your game plan/treatment plan.

A Development and Behavioral Pediatrician is different from a general Pediatrician based on expertise and experience in working with children with developmental and learning disabilities.  Based on their evaluation and medical experience, the development and behavioral doctor will be able to diagnosis and recommend the appropriate medications and therapies for the specific child’s disability.

Personally, before finding our current pediatrician, I was spending several hours, days even months researching and interviewing different people and ways to best help us to treat Maci.  It was a full time job.  In addition, I was doing things blindly, not really knowing if what we were doing for her would really work.

We started working with our pediatrician 4 years ago.  At the first meeting she knew exactly what was going on with Maci and instantly put together a treatment plan we implemented right away.  We were able to get into the top doctors and therapists in our area based on her connections and relationships.

The weight off my shoulders and relief I felt was tremendous.  I was also free to spend more quality time with Maci.

Development and Behavioral Pediatricians practice in a variety of settings; hospitals, schools, clinics and personal offices.  They work closely with other medical professionals, therapists and clinicians.

Here are our suggestions for doctors.  We are just beginning to collect information in our website for resources and information.  If not found there, go to your local agencies specializing in Autism services for referrals.