Last Day with Our Friends at Celebrate The Children School

Wow, as they say “Time Flies”. Unbelievable, our 2 week visit to New Jersey is coming to an end tomorrow when we fly back to Seattle. As Maci’s pediatrician assured me, not only would I love the school, but Maci would too. Both are true! 

When we first arrived, we got the introductory tour of the school. The tour was great, seeing all the programs; occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, music, art, creating movies, videos, lego room, yoga room and the school store. The best part of the school was meeting all the amazing teachers, specialists and staff that give the school its heart and soul. 

From day one, Maci’s team at CTC were prepared, organized, informed and ready for her arrival. Instantly, they were building a connection and relationship with her, creating and providing a strong, confident, safe foundation for her 2 weeks. 

We came to CTC to establish a true understanding of Maci’s abilities in an educational setting, supporting her with the DIR Floortime methodology.  Because of all her complications, standard tests and evaluations that are typically given to evaluate and assess education levels and services are challenging for Maci. Skewed results of these tests can lead to a baseline of support and teaching that is potentially off-base and inaccurate. For the child, this can then trigger additional concerns of anxiety, boredom, inattentiveness and frustration. 

“We give an invitation rather than have an expectation for learning”
-Monica Osgood, Co Founder & Co Exec. Director Celebrate The Children School

Over the 2 weeks at CTC, Maci’s team planned full days of purposeful play, observing her strengths and preferred style of learning, watching how she moves, sees, hears, takes in her environment and world, how she navigates her body and engages herself with others.  All of these aspects are vital for individual development and essential for learning. 

Maci loved being at CTC. She made friends, warmed hearts and shared a lot of smiles and laughter. She attended their school prom. My husband Dave was in town for the weekend. We dropped her off at the prom, one of her teachers at the school volunteered to stay with her to meet the other kids and people at the prom. We walked in and had a picture with her on the “red carpet.”  It was a beautiful event! Everyone had a great time and the energy in the room was heart warming.  Dave and I got to have a fun date night and catch up on the past week.  We picked Maci up after the prom, full of smiles and happiness. 

The 2 weeks flew by. On our last day, I met with Maci’s team to review her time with them. They provided incredible information in such a quick and short period of time. We are looking forward to sharing their information with our school district and school soon. Our goal is to collaborate with the CTC team, our school district and school so we can collectively work to provide the best environment and support for Maci.  We are at a critical junction in her life. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken Maci to CTC. I am also hopefully for the next steps in her education. Stay tuned!

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