Join our Facebook Group: MAP – Navigate Autism Together!

If you care for a loved one with ASD, no doubt you have had moments of frustration, despair, joy, hope…it’s its own spectrum. I started as a way to share my journey and allow others to benefit from my research and experience.

Taking MAP to the next level, the Facebook group is a way we can collaborate and support each other on a more interactive and connected basis. MAP will continue to provide a library of resources and answers – but the Facebook group will assist in driving the content that only real caregivers with real experiences can provide.

I invite you to join us. Share your voice and experience. Help others who may feel overwhelmed or alone know they have a place they can go to find support. Together we can help each other through the tough time and celebrate the successes.

Marikay Cuthill is mother of Maci, a vibrant, curious 14-year-old on the Autism Spectrum, and the founder of Maci And Pebble, a community dedicated to helping people navigate autism by finding answers, direction and peace of mind. Learn more at

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