Neuro-Fit System

Getting the brain and body to work together is the principal of Neuro-Fit Systems.

The sensory system is responsible for communicating to our brain information from our environment we experience and live in every day.  Scientific studies have shown that our sensory-motor processing systems are laid out systematically in our brains in a body map in which areas in the brain correspond to our sensory input and motor output.  As we are processing information, we are using multiple sensory inputs to comprehend what we are experiencing and give an appropriate reaction or output.

The Sensory system and the neuropathways are complicated and unique to each individual.  If the sensory system is compromised or not able to take in the information to the brain efficiently, the brain and body will not be able to work together.

Over time, inefficient communication between the brain and body can lead to compensation. These compensations can be identified in the SPECTRUM of neurologic inefficiencies found in ASD, learning differences, ADHD and neuro development disorders and many others. These patterns can persist long after the event making an individual hyper-responsive to future situations.  Which we often see as a fight, flight or freeze response.

Neuro-fit is able to address a number of issues by taking a very fundamental approach, utilizing the neurobiologic movement-based protocol developed by James M. Costello called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique™ (FNAT™).

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Personally, we experienced tremendous success from using Neuro-Fit.  Immediately, we saw improved speech, regulation, balance, vision, anxiety and sleep.  My recommendation would be to use Neuro-Fit independently to give the brain the opportunity to respond to the treatment.

Dr. Costello and staff are located in Los Angeles and Austrailia.  Treatments and consultation also available through skype or phone consultation.