Rose Bowl Aquatics Center: Special Needs Programs

Pasadena, CA

The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center offers several programs to meet the aquatic therapy and wellness needs of special needs clients. Inclusion, consistency, and progress are the hallmarks of their therapeutic programs. Water is a great equalizer amongst their diverse community and they want everyone to be able to enjoy the water safely. Their goal is to provide quality swim lessons and aquatic therapy programs to our patrons.


Nurturing Water Therapies

Puget Sound locations, WA

Nurturing Water Therapies’ mission is to nurture the human body and spirit of those who are health challenged. Their services complement existing therapies and treatment.

They help people of all ages with sensory, developmental, neurological, physical or other health challenges.


Community Integration Services – Aquatic Therapy

North Bend, WA

Community Integration Services provides aquatic experiences for people of all ages who have special developmental or physical needs including all spectrums of Autism. They help clients access community pool facilities for recreation, rehabilitation, swimming and general fitness. Through adaptive equipment, personalized instructions, and the healing powers of the water, clients experience greater independence and enjoyment of life.