The 5 C’s at Home – Workshop

From Profectum

The Foundational Capacities for Development (FCDs) are a recently developed concept that serve as a compliment for the DIR model. The FCDs, also known as the 5 C’s offer guidance and strategies on how to build feelings of COMFORT, COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONTROL, AND COMMUNICATION  with your child!

This workshop is designed to guide parents in using the FCD framework to rethink how we balance our time and priorities


TACA – The Autism Community in Action

Parent Support Group

TACA began with a small handful of families in a living room in 2000. By the end of 2017, they served over 55,000 families around the United States. From a grassroots beginning in Southern California, TACA expanded nationwide and now has a physical presence via Chapters in 27 states and a virtual presence in the rest of the nation. Their mission is to provide education, support and hope to families living with autism.


Autism Grown Up

Online Resource Center

Autism Grown Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the autism community online. Their tools and materials are created for people on the autism spectrum and their support networks to use. They define support network as family members, peers, professionals, employers, and other important stakeholders.


5 TED Talks to inspire autism parents

From Autism & ADHD Connection

So many people watch TED Talk videos to find inspiration, information and motivation on so many topics that are related to science, business, lifestyle, technology, creativity and more. These speakers talk about autism in a way that brings inspiration and even enlightenment to those who are parents and caregivers for children with autism and ADHD.


Autism Response Team (ART)

From Autism Speaks

The Autism Response Team (ART) is an information line for the autism community. Their team members are specially trained to provide personalized information and resources to people with autism and their families. 


Visual Picture Schedules For Home/Daily Routines

33 free printable schedules

How stressed out are you by daily routines? What about your kids? It’s something that you do, as a household, Every. Single. Day. Why does it have to be so stressful? Most of us do not use visual schedules at home though many kids use them at school. These free printable visual schedules for home and daily routines might help make things easier.


Autism Expressions Card Deck

From Autism Transformed

This deck of cards is to help parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, health practitioners and others better understand what is happening for the non-verbal or low-verbal autistic child.

The child’s energetic vibration will come into resonance with the energy of the card that most expresses their message in the moment. This is what they want you to know about them right now.

Pay attention. Listen. Check it out.
And as a result, be in greater connection and understanding.