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Happy National Nutrition Month! And, thank you for continuing to read my blog! A year ago, I wrote about starting my garden and my passion for nutrition. Boom, here we are one year later and it’s National Nutrition Month again – and I am very excited to be getting my garden ready!

This year, instead of focusing solely on nutrition, I’m expanding my scope and sharing resources I have been loving recently. It’s so encouraging to see more and more innovations and options for increasing the quality of life for people with ASD. However, if you are like me, while it is exciting, it can be a little bit overwhelming to know what to try and what to expect when trying new things. That’s where MAP comes in! We strive to bring this information to you in one place. Giving you the opportunity to see it, learn about it and find out what others think about it. As we all know, what works for some does not always work for others. But you can be rest assured that if you find it on MAP, the resource is trusted. Hopefully, reading and learning what is available and what others think can help you lean into your choices and options with more calm and confidence.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Newest Nutrition Loves

First up, let’s talk about MUSHROOMS!!! Not the psychedelic kind, but the medicinal kind. Did you know there is a ton of scientific evidence that touts the health benefits of mushrooms? Of course, most of us know about the ones we normally eat. Yet others like CHAGA, LION’S MANE, REISHI, and TURKEY TAIL are tasty new ones that I have discovered through a friend and life coach of mine.

Medicinal mushrooms have been known to lower stress and inflammation, help heal infections, improve brain health, BOOST IMMUNITY and stabilize diabetes. My friend told me about Myriad Mycology. There you can research and purchase different blends of mushrooms which are ground and sealed. I have been using a teaspoon in smoothies and incorporating them into sauces, dressings and soups. Super easy and they taste wonderful.

Next up, a yummy and healthy snack recipe! I am always looking for great snacks that stay away from processed and sugary ingredients. Those that have zero benefit and many adverse side effects. Again, giving credit to my wonderful  friend and inspirational life coach, I’m sharing this savory almond snack recipe.



  • ALMONDS – loads of magnesium (anti-anxiety), Vitamin E, stabilizing blood sugar
  • GARLIC – balances cholesterol and blood pressure
  • TURMERIC – great for inflammation
  • ROSEMARY – for calming anxiety
  • OLIVE OIL = brain fuel!! (Omega 3’s)

Lastly, nuts are packed with PROTEIN, great for your brain. Let’s toss those chips! Hope you enjoy it as much or more than I have!

Love of Ideas

One place I trust implicitly and go to often is the Bright and Quirky website.

I discovered this resource when I went to a conference in Pasadena, CA a few years ago. One of the women to present  at the conference was Debbie Reber, a mom and founder of Bright and Quirky. When she spoke, it was as if she were relaying the experiences I had with Maci. I gained some great information from her. I encourage you to visit their site and attend their events.

Also on Bright and Quirky, I wanted to specifically mention their Idea Lab (attendance is waitlisted as of this posting in March, 2021). It is designed to act as a coach and give support. They have wonderful professionals on their website listed. I have met or seen many of them speak at conferences. Having all these professionals in one place and available for support is really impressive.

Love to be Inspired

My husband and I are avid golfers. A couple of weeks ago, he gave me a copy of his Golf Journal magazine to share an article on a female golfer with ASD – Saving Grace, by Ron Driscoll. What a powerful message for people living with ASD to see another person who has struggled with life challenges, learn how to overcome those challenges and find a passion that helps overcome life’s challenges. Discovering her love of golf gave Samantha Perrotta a new lease on life. She gained so many life skills socially, emotionally and personally. As a parent, I’m grateful to hear her story to know there may be opportunities for our daughter to achieve her own success as she gets older and finds her independence.

Saving Grace is worth the read and really inspirational, you can find it in the Spring 2021 edition of Golf Journal – America in full swing.

Another story that struck me this month was on the Today Show recently. It was an interview by Carson Daly with Jennifer Marshall, founder of an organization called This is My Brave. I think this one stood out because of all the challenges we are all facing and dealing with over the last year and rolling into this year with the pandemic. Jennifer Marshall shared her battles with bi-polar and depression. She created This is My Brave as a platform for mental health awareness and to help those feel comfortable/safe to share their struggles with mental health. Given what we have all endured, I felt this was wonderful information and a great resource to highlight this month.

What do you love? What inspires you and keeps you going? Share it with us!

Keep going strong, cooking and eating yummy foods and finding the joys of your everyday. We’ll continue to strive to help, inform and provide you with more resources, support and inspiration each month.

All the best from MAP!

Marikay Cuthill is mother of Maci, a vibrant, curious 15-year-old on the Autism Spectrum, and the founder of Maci And Pebble, a community dedicated to helping people navigate autism by finding answers, direction and peace of mind. Learn more at

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