Thoughts about schools

“We need to take a less narrow look at our children’s problems and, instead, see them as windows of opportunity.” -Stanley Greenspan

Walking, talking, social engagement, learning all a part of a human beings organic development.  Children experiencing developmental delays due to autism, autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disorders have missed the developmental milestones needed to create relationships.   Without social emotional relationships with parents, peers, educators and other interactions we will not have the ability for meaningful learning exchanges that encourage developmental abilities.

Schools are big part of a child’s life.  Children generally relish in the experience. Children with developmental disorders/delays need more support and attention to their individual profiles for them to learn to master their specific development.  The school needs to shift from behavior and academics to development and relationships.  Once a child enjoys having us participate with him/her, we can then begin to help the child toward greater development.  It requires attention to the child’s nervous system and individual processing abilities, to our personalities and reactions to the child, and to our patterns in the classroom and school environment.

One school in particular is focused on our children who experience the world in an often disorganized and sometimes fearful way.  Celebrate the Children, a school for children with alternative learnings styles,  Striving to support each child’s unique profile while promoting development through meaningful, relationship-based experiences.