Get the most out of MAP

I would like to introduce you to my daughter Maci (13) and her service dog, Pebble (6).  My inspiration behind MAP,

Started in 2015, MAP is designed to be a place for navigating daily life for those supporting, serving and caring for a loved one with Autism. We’re an online community of information, resources and people you can trust who have been where you are and can provide proven guidance and resources.

In our early journey with Maci’s autism, I spent many hours and countless days researching, talking with other parents, professionals and doctors trying to get the best answers for us. It was very hard at times, many tears and grief seeing Maci not able to do the things we all take for granted every day. Through all this hard work, I believed there was a purpose and greater good to be shared with others from our experience. I had a strong feeling there was a reason we had the great fortune to interact, learn and be educated by the top experts in the field of Autism.

It is my desire for MAP to be your “go to” website; a way you feel comforted, confident and gain knowledge about whatever you need in that moment or for that day. And, to know you are not alone.

Various people and techniques are part of the journey you will encounter in our efforts to help. Here are the areas we focus on and provide information around:

  • Doctors
  • Therapies
  • Education
  • Natural and alternative medicine
  • Treatments
  • Supplements
  • Insurance

It is our hope that MAP can help you narrow down options and give you the opportunity to seek the best direction for you and your loved one diagnosed with Autism. The journey may seem overwhelming, frustrating and debilitating. MAP will be here for you to bring information and answers.